I was serving your kingdom
I saw all the men fall
And I marched on their corpses
And I fed myself with their flesh

I used your body as a shield
I used your body to hide my shame
And I reached the glory
Just cause all of you couldn’t
And I reached the glory
Cause I killed everyone around me.



I came across the mountains, the ices,
The deserts, a lake and a sea.
You’ll be the queen of the Faraway Land
For the will of my king.
No, no, no, no
Get lost with your wish
Luxury or money are not what I need
Of love is empty your king.

Can’t give you a castle and ne
ither a servant,
Of money are empty my hands
Didn’t expect to face such a beauty
I will give you my heart
No, no, no, no
Get lost with your wish
With you I won’t come till the Faraway Land
To serve a betrayed king.

Please don’t forget me, I will ride away
My tears will be dried by the wind of my land.



In that night I disclosed the sense
In a crowded and noisy club
You just vanished in thin air
I had the wisdom in my brain
And I had no escape
And I couldn’t run away
And I have no escape
I can’t run away

You aren’t gonna see anymore
Any friends or your love
Don’t turn back, go ahead
To the dragons, to the Death

The same room and just one way
With no limits, with no ends
Maybe an angel told to me
The last place you’ll ever see”



Burnt ashes from palm leaves
Holy water from the source
Take a beer that you must like
Myrr, lavender from the park
Mix together till it turn black
Darker than a moonless night
Think the person you dislike
Yell his name nine times

The confusion is in my mind
Am I dead or I’m alive?
I’m deceived by my eyes

No more sun for you in the sky
Nothing happens in your life
No more chance for any love
Just a black hole in your mind.



I was not at the bar last night
I didn’t drink so much
I didn’t flirt with her
I didn’t crash the car
I want you to believe me.



Now you can put your clothes on
(but) can’t look at the mirror.
The explosion damaged your face,
Your eyes are changed.
Can you explain to me
why you did this to you?
How can you survive from death?
You’ll never be the same.

I’m showing my new face
to everybody in this world
I’m showing my new face
I’m clean, I’m born again.

I wanted to undress myself
And I looked at the mirror.
I saw something I didn’t like
And I never gonna do.
Just my face in front of me,
the story of my flops.
I chose to burn myself
to clean the nausea away.



I’m not asking for explanations
Otherwise you lose possession
I don’t wonder what happens next
Otherwise it will be deception
I am dragged in shady deals
Just forget the administration
I don’t need any education
Just be smiling in television

More power for me
More money for me
More power’s all I want



Some sensual words it’s what we need
A phrase stuck in my mind and melodies
Don’t look straight in my mouth, I cannot sing
Transform a mumbling in a sound, it’s what I feel

Save me from the rest of the song
I don’t reach the end, I’m on fire.



Warm winds blow from east, inside this room
My body is lighter, covered in blood
The ill is conquered, come back to sleep
Just keep your eyes closed, come back to dream