King of Death
King of Shining
For you these Songs
For you this Fight

King of All
King of Nothing
For you, the Lord
For you I’m hunting


I thought I could’ve died that night
Not open my eyes again
I felt the heart’s beat in my pate
Black paranoia in my head
Don’t say goodbye to my mom
Just sense of shame behind me
I thought I could’ve died that night
Alone in a room of disgrace

I’m alone and I would care to die alone in this fleabag


I beg your presence my God
Dress me with your armor, my Lord
Put the Helmet on my head
Let your shield protect my crowd

Kill the enemies, raze their lands
Enjoy the glory, your’s the legend’s name

Place your spear in my right hand
Stash your strength in my body
Instill my arms and my mind
The force of the fatal strike


The night of that kiss he felt his cold lips warming up again,
Red as the first love
All this long wait, all his lonely life, it was not in vain

Now he found the one
For her, it wasn’t sake, it was just a joke
He wasn’t her first, he won’t be the last

(The) man was so sad, he was so upset,
frustrated for her laugh when she heard his love

The laugh became a shout
Mercy upon me!”
He felt his cold hands killing his first love

And the moral of this song is :
Don’t joke with the people you don’t know


I’m just here behind the pane, looking out for your car’s lights
In the dark I’m waiting for you again

I just changed another dress, smoked thousand cigarettes
I’m always here waiting for you again

I’m waiting for you
I’m here for you

This is my struggle, this is my love
I did the same for you before
I will wait like I’m waiting tonight

I just tried to figure out what this place has meant for us
I’m alone while I’m waiting for you again

My conviction is to feel enclosed by the things recalling (me) us
I’m alone while I’m waiting for you again


Hey, come here! I’ve made you a hot bath to relax
I’m sorry, it’s not soap but it is lie I put inside

While sleeping, easily I can put end to your life
An injection, some sedatives and some drugs for tonight

No mercy no

No pity no

Hey, come here! I will show you my garden, just outside
I dug you a big hole and I will bury you still alive

Holding you, I enjoy the hopeless fear in your face
I’ll stab you on the back and I’ll drink all your blood

I gonna kill you tonight, I don’t care how
But I will kill you tonight


Quando mi chiedi dove vado,
che non c’hai niente da fare,
che alla fine vuoi venire

E mi dici di aspettare

Quando mi chiedi di ascoltare che hai cambiato
qualche cosa alla canzone che scrivevi

E mi chiedi cosa penso

Quando mi chiedi dove sono,
che è il momento di mangiare,
che non vuoi stare da solo

E mi dici di tornare

E io credo che non c’è nessuno come te e che ti amo davvero


Don’t work too hard, you will be let down
They’ll talk about you, but just for a short time
The lights on your face won’t last long
You’ll feel important, just on your own

Don’t work hard, don’t work hard
They will let you down
So please don’t work hard

It was better before, this world is not for you
They want just to use your talent and your mind


I wish I was her, just sleeping all day
I wish I was her, don’t care about the aspect
I wish I was her, what matter is today

And resting outside in the yard or inside in the bed
And playing outside with the others or inside with a ball

She doesn’t care about money to reach the end of the month
She doesn’t care about working or to keep clean the home
She is just a cat, she sleeps the whole day


This man has three daughters and other seven sons
He owns huge domains and loyal servitude
This man was the greatest, from the far East lands

Sabei’ve came, they stole all your oxens
A fire fell, it’s burnt all your sheeps
Caldei’ve came, they took all your camels
A wind has raged, it killed all your children