We are on the moon, when I'm with you
We're riding horses
We live in a coud
We are surfing waves
When I am with you
We are drawin our swords
We can fight the pain
We catch the stars
And feed the dragons

We are just two lovers
Lying down in the bed
World's locked out of the room
Reserving ourselves
We are just two lovers ...



Six miles under ground
I found a bunch of bnes
Taht come across
Like a prehistoric love
I don't want your love
You don't have to call
We don't need to talk
For you it's just a game
Of an account affair
You beat about the bush
I want to sleep wih you

I don't give a fuck
Give me my prehistoric love



Wake up late in the morning
In a bed full of stories
There's no love, no romance
Just a jerk in a coma

No, no one can take your place

Try to take a shower
Wiping out your halo
And your face in the mirror
Is telling me "you're an idiot"

I don't think all is over
Might wait some more
I don't think all is over
There's still love still romance
And your mark in my soul



Missing my Itaca,
'cause I haven't one ...
There's no penelope for me
but there's someone ...
Someone who forgot my face
and our blood ties
I don't need a personal garden
to grown my beans
I don't want a piece of sea
to strand my boat, my body ...



Cold wind strokes my body,
A sharp pain in my belly
I wake up fear and trembling
In the middle of the night

"I'm your ghost"

A shadow sweeps across the wall
And fix into my room
He got two evil eyes,
Spits some smokes in my mouth

"I'm your ghost, I know your past
You are a bad todd, you are perfidious
You are a sick mind, you are insane"

Just one minute in my life
At twice and the same time
He shows me all the bad things
I stirred up in my being



I know you're good
But just not for me
I won't be pathetic
But leave me alone
And please,

Forgot my face
Forgot my name
And leave me alone

You're good
But just not in time
I'm not a bad person
But leave me alone



When it's too late for the others
And the sun declines
When it's morning
And the eyes are closed for the light
When I'm so happy
But you're falling down
When it's raining
And you want to go outside
When everything you need
It's a friend advice

When you want I'll be there
'Cause you are my friend
And there's no end



Awaking to the day
But nothing seems the same
My room's becoming white
A bright suntrap

Morning after love, it's morning after you

Turning over in the bed
Looking back on yesterday
My mouth's rising a smile
I'm not ready for outside
I'm hanging about tonight
I'll hold onto your happiness
Going deep into my mine



You give me fantastic lights
You make me sweat in a cold room
I can't bet on tomorrow, can you?
You feed my lonely heart
We share our minds
I can't bet on tomorrow, can you?

It's a precious case of gold
With your name on top
It's a quiet dark wood
With a (safe) cabin for you
You untie all my wories
You make me shiver, my body

You are everything I want
Don't pretend something more
You feed my lonely heart
We share our minds
I can't bet on tomorrow



I've waiting too long,
I need to see you,
I stole a car
I've combed my hair,
I know what I have to say,
I dressed to kill
I took the pills,
I got a fraught hipflask
and full of gas

"Who's gonna drive?" ...

Wait! Wait!



I wanna travel with you
To find the treasure chest
I wanna go in the jungle
To find some cannibals
I wanna fly with you
Put us down on the moon

I wanna see
I wanna go
I wanna be
Together on the boat

I wanna camp on the mountain
To pluck the edelweiss
I wanna swim in the waterfalls
And jump into the volcano
I wanna see some northern lights
And fight the big white bear



This wasn't my room, that wasn't my house
I saw my cat flying through the sky
These weren't my clothes, those weren't my pants
Dressing bizarre, Flying through the sky

I'm second to none, I'm a superstar,
I'm your superhero

This is my day, this is my year
Me and my pet are fighting the pain
This is my arm, that is my sword
Against the darkness, like a superhero



I'm fucking on the ground
I don't see the light of day
I'm dragging on my knees
I don't have a place to stay
Deeply tied by my chains
Endless fall in endless hole
A sandbag over my door
Found guilty for the law

It's not really only uneasiness
It's not only money or love
A black pain spreads in my veins
I guess hope is just a joke